Specializing in the manufacture of pump and air compressor packages for oilfield and industrial applications, we have been a distributor for Gardner Denver for over 45 years. Contact us for all your parts, sales, repairs, and technical support for all Gardner Denver pumps, air compressors, blowers, and other equipment.
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Drilling Support 


Operations include horizontal boring, cutting injection, & cement applications

Minimum Operation:
 600 HP, 8" stroke, 4.5" plungers, 1925 PSIG, 124 GPM, 75 RPM

Maximum Operation: 
750 HP, 8" stroke, 6" plungers, 
5000 PSIG, 586 GPM, 200 RPM

air compressors

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Efficient/ Low Cost


-Up to 100,000+ operating hours due to simple integral design

-Low speed, direct drive, minimal stresses, and no roller bearings to replace

-Quiet in operation and can be located at the point of use

-Energy saving regulated speed models

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Load Indicating 

Fluid-End Bolt

Our load indicating bolt is design to be loaded multiple times as long as the stress remains elastic, and is certified to meet the following criteria: ASTM A354, ASTM F606, ASTM E8, ASTM E18, ASTM F788, ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, and ASTM A388. Bolt material is certified in compliance with EN 10204 Type 3.1.


The bolt is a direct replacement for the standard: OPI-600, GD-600, and OFM-600 OEM Fluid-end Bolt.


-Reduced downtime

-Ability to monitor clamp load

-Any tightened tool can be used

-Reduced Inspection time


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GD-600 Well 

Servicing Pump 


GD-600 Triplex well servicing package with the following design conditions (3.5" Plungers): 

High Flow: 8.0 BPM, 2500 PSIG, 450 RPM (pump), 550 HP, 2100 RPM (engine)
High Pressure: 1.75 BPM, 10000 PSIG, 100 RPM (pump), 485 HP, 1875 RPM (engine)

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