Pump Expendables and Accessories

Pulsation Control Equipment

Fluid pulsation is the variation in pressure within a pumping system caused by the inertia of the liquid column being accelerated and decelerated every pump stroke. While the magnitude of these pressure surges depends on the exact configuration of the pump and system, all plunger and piston pumps encounter pulsation. Uncontrolled pulsation can damage the equipment located downstream of the pump, as well as reduce the life of the pump valves, plungers, and packing. Finally, severe pulsation can rob the pump of efficiency or even cause it not to pump at all.

Suction Stabilizers

The least costly and most effective method of controlling pulsation is on the suction side of the pump. The pressures involved are always lower, and any attenuation achieved will protect the pump’s internal parts. If the incoming fluid breaks contact with the piston or plunger face inlet on the stroke, a vacuum will occur, which either causes cavitation or incomplete cylinder filling. As the plunger begins the discharge stroke, a pressure spike occurs as the cavitation collapses. A well-tuned suction stabilizer will reduce the effects of the acceleration head and absorb the pressure spikes by compressing the nitrogen-charged cartridge. These suction stabilizers actually compensate for pressure variations as they occur, resulting in maximum pumping efficiency and minimum descriptions from pulsation.

Discharge Dampeners

Downstream piping and equipment are very susceptible to pulsation damage caused by piston and plunger pumps. Multiple pumps discharging into a single manifold can result in severe harmonic pulsations if not controlled. The destructive energy of the pulsation pressure wave is related to the pump discharge pressure and is usually very high, making it difficult to attenuate. Discharge dampeners must be rated for the maximum discharge pressure of the pump, and the pressure-absorbing cartridge must be tuned to remove or absorb the pulsation wave’s energy at the frequency it occurs.

Packing Lubrication Systems

Single Pumps

The P-55U pump is the latest in a long line of original and replacement lubricator pumps. The one-piece steel body with modular cylinder assembly represents the latest in pump design. Available in 1/4” and 3/8” sizes, with pressures to 8,000 psig, these pumps can have vacuum suctions (from lubricator boxes) or pressurized suctions and are suitable for petroleum or synthetic lubricants with a viscosity of up to 8,000 sus.

Lubricator Boxes

This system is designed to accurately deliver a predetermined quantity of lubricating oil under pressure at regular intervals to moving parts on all types of industrial machinery, especially packing glands on plunger pumps. The assembly consists of a reservoir, a drive mechanism, and individual pumps for each point to be lubricated. The drive shaft can be belt-driven, ratchet-driven, or direct-driven by a motor (electric, hydraulic).

Divider Block Systems

For very large applications, where an individual pump for each lube point is impractical, the divider block system is suitable. Large-capacity bulk pumps supply lubricant to the divider blocks, which divide the flow into predetermined, proportional amounts and distribute them to the appropriate lube points.


A wide range of lubrication system accessories are available to customize your system, as well as replacement parts for most brands of lubricators and pumps. Day tanks (5, 15, 30, and 55 gallons) with stands, flow meters, check valves, drum gauges, crankcase level controllers, and fine-safe valves are some of the accessories we stock.


Controls and shutdowns for any type of lubrication system include lubricator no-flow switches, lubricator box low-level shutdown (with an auto-fill), crankcase low oil level shutdown (with an auto-fill), and complete electronic lube monitors for divider block systems.

Power Transmission Equipment

Speed Reduction Gears

C & B Sales and Service has designed and manufactured several models of planetary gear reducers for pump drives (100-200 hp). All of these gear reducers are single reduction styles with ratios of approximately 6 to 1. They mount directly to the pump and have either input shafts or spicer hubs. Our planetary gears can be added to any new pump (PE-5, TEE, THE, TDE, TFE, etc.) or they can be retrofitted to your existing pump. Other gears (parallel shaft) are available, both new and rebuilt.

Sprockets, Chains and Complete Systems

C & B Sales and Service can custom design a heavy-duty chain drive system for your pump drive. Heavy oilfield sprockets, multi-strand with large pitch diameters, are custom-built to the OEM specifications. Choose from straight or Qd bore with flame-hardened teeth. Roller chain is available from a variety of manufacturers, both foreign and domestic. Complete systems include an oil-tight chain case, shafts, bearings, and oil distribution systems.

Belts, Sheaves, and Complete Systems

C & B Sales and Service can design a custom belt drive system for your pump, compressor, blower, et cetera. Our custom computer program will evaluate the horsepower of your application, the speeds involved, and the service factor, and recommend the size of the belts, their number, and the optimum distance between sheaves.

Couplings and Accessories

Drive couplings are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for new applications and/or repairs and retrofits. Designed specifically for your applications, we offer a coupling that will provide long-term performance at a very reasonable price.

Piston Pump Expendables

Our new line of private-label replacement fluid-end parts for all makes and models of piston pumps offers a cost-competitive alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s expendable parts. Made by only the finest domestic and overseas manufacturers, these products reflect a quality that greatly surpasses virtually all of the foreign products flooding the drilling pump’s expendable market today. Now, C & B Sales is your one-stop shop for every part your pump might need.

Pump Liners

Our super-premium pump liners feature a hard chrome inner sleeve for wear abrasion and corrosion resistance, combined with an outer shell forged from fine-grain homogenous alloy steel, resulting in exceptional strength. The chrome inner sleeve is centrifugally cast to ensure a dense, even structure/surface and reaches a hardness of Rc 62 after heat treatment. Sleeve slippage is virtually impossible, because of a small shoulder machined in the hull at the free end of the liner. Since the mating surfaces on the hull and sleeve are ground exceedingly smooth and installed with a precise interference fit, leakage is non-existent. The surface finish of the liner bore is honed to a mirror finish, exceeding the API surface roughness requirement of 16 RMS. The plant manufacturing our liners conforms to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001. All of our liners are backed by API specification 7K for quality, and each one is imprinted with the official API monogram.

Liners are available for all makes and models of single and double-acting pumps in a wide range of sizes.

Valves: Wing-Guided

Our state-of-the-art wing-guided valve assembly allows increased fluid flow through its full open seat, which also provides for easier valve maintenance in valve-over-valve fluid ends. The innovative, unibody valve design eliminates snap rings, plates, or keepers, reducing maintenance. They are available with either replaceable, snap-on inserts or non-replaceable, molded inserts. This valve is fully rated for continuous service at 7,500 psig and has the largest metal-to-metal bearing area in the industry; it is available in several sizes (API-6, API-7, NOI) and is interchangeable with the Harrisburg Roughneck valve.

Valves: Stem-Guided

Our super-premium stem-guided valve assembly incorporates several improvements to and innovations for the venerable Mission 4-rib design. The extra wide seat features high-strength circular I-beam construction, which reduces the seat area blocking the flow path. The fluid valve is offered with the standard replaceable urethane insert, held in place by a heavy lock nut. It is also offered with a hollow, lightweight valve body, featuring a cast-in-place urethane insert that can often result in cheaper life-cycle costs than the traditional replaceable insert style. This valve is available in several sizes (API-6, API-7, NOI) and is interchangeable with the Harrisburg Imperial and the Mission Supreme valves.

Bonded Urethane Pistons

Our Series U, bonded polyurethane pistons offer outstanding performance and long life in the most demanding drilling applications. The hard, dense dual-durometer polyurethane, bonded directly to the alloy steel hub with no joints to leak, provides superior resistance to abrasive fluids, resulting in unmatched service life with today’s higher-pressure, faster-running pumps. The urethane construction is especially resistant to chemicals and exotic-oil-based drilling muds and is vastly superior to fabric-blocked rubber. Note: Because of the super-tight seal between the piston and liner, a generous supply of lubricated cooling water is required.

Knock-On Pistons

Our Series P pistons with knock-on replaceable inserts approach the performance of bonded urethane pistons for applications with poor fluid lubricity or marginal cooling. The self-sealing hub design eliminates the need for snap rings and retainer plates, a common source of failure, and without them, the time required to change the fabric-backed rubber inserts is significantly reduced. The Series P piston has a seal lip 60% larger than a conventional piston, resulting in an extremely tight seal on both new and used liners. These pistons are outstanding in drilling and workover applications, where you need performance that surpasses conventional snap-ring pistons but bonded urethane pistons are not an option.

Premium Pistons

Our Premium API Series pistons (A, B, K, and L) are manufactured to API standards, ensuring full interchangeability with other suppliers. The replaceable inserts are made from an oil-resistant rubber compound, molded to multi-ply fabric-reinforced backing, providing a positive, wear-resistant seal. Installed on an alloy steel piston hub (phosphate coated for corrosion resistance) and locked in place with a zinc-plated washer and snap ring, our premium pistons are the best value around.

All of these piston styles are available in all sizes and bores for both single-acting and double-acting pumps.

Other Components

We offer a complete line of fluid-end replacement components, including piston rods, extension (pony) rods, rod clamps, lock rings, valve covers, et cetera for all brands of pumps, manufactured under our private label with unsurpassed quality and cost savings.

Plunger Pump Expendables


Whether your application is well servicing, disposal, industrial, production, or stimulation, we have plungers available for every make and model of pump on the market, as well as those no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer. Choose internal threaded, external threaded, or coupling type in either solid or hollow construction, available in ceramic, colmonoy coated steel, chrome oxide coated steel, or tungsten carbide coated steel.


Fluid valves and components are available and in our store stock for all makes and models of plunger pumps. High-pressure well service valves and seats combine the advantages of forgings with the cost savings of investment casting. Plate valves for disposal and clean fluid application, as well as seats of stainless steel and monel are available, with disks of Delrin or titanium. We have medium-pressure valves of hardened stainless steel for abrasive applications, with replaceable rubber, urethane, or Viton® inserts. Most are available in either cage or stem-guided configuration.


Choose from our complete range of plunger packing products for every conceivable application and custom configured for every make and model of plunger pump.

  • General service (838 Utex)
  • Kevlar® or Teflon® rope
  • General service high temp (845 Utex)
  • High performance (CDI)
  • Standard well service (Utex 1067)
  • Severe well service (Viton®)
  • Premier well service (CDI-WSP)
  • Low emissions

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